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I spoke today by phone with the house church pastor Adham. He said the government security services continue to harass him and disrupt his life. He told me, “They tell me I can only talk about Jesus with Christians. But The God tells me to share the gospel and that means to everyone, including Muslims! How can I not do what The God tells me to do?”

Of course, by him taking that stand, it means he will continue to be persecuted. He is standing for Jesus but it does come with a price. He asked prayer for four things:

First, pray for his wife, Joanna, and their children. Each time Adham is taken away, they cry and cry. Pray the Lord strengthens them and gives them peace in the middle of the storm.

Second, pray that Adham’s employer will show him favor. Adham misses a lot of work when he is detained and jailed so much. He’s concerned his boss will fire him.

Third, Adham leads some believers from a Muslim background (BMB) in Bible studies. Pray they are filled with the Spirit so the persecution will make their faith stronger, not return to Islam.

Finally, please pray for the men who persecute Adham and the other believers. Pray they would accept the truth they’ve heard about Jesus and turn from Islam.

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