A team leader:
Sometimes it is not the work that is so tiring as much as it is the effort it takes to communicate with those around us. These past few weeks have made us aware of the need to weigh everything we say or do. We are always aware that what we say or do can have a ripple effect on others here with us.

We’ve been warned that even the President could not stop our dismissal if they have written proof we have been sharing the good news.

So, we are grateful for moments that bring laughter to our days. I was covering a lesson on food in my English class. We were talking about leaving food on your plate if you could not finish it. I told them how my parents would tell me that I had to finish everything because there were starving children in Africa. They laughed. Their parents told them if they didn’t eat the food on their plate the “white man” would come and take them. (No wonder the little kids are afraid of us).

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