Moonscape team leader:
We saw the dead raised yesterday.

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We were at the beach with Christians friends to witness a baptism, take communion, and swim and picnic together. As our group gathered and organized, confusion reigned. A three or four year old boy from the group joined some others wading and playing in the gentle surf.

A short time later a foreign soldier, relaxing at the beach with his family, found the boy drowned in the water. He pulled the boy out and tried to revive him. The boy’s parents, two doctors and many from our group gathered around the dead child. Those filled with the Holy Spirit immediately began praying in tongues. The child’s eyes were open but “looked like the eyes of the dead fish at the local fish market”. A pediatrician later confirmed the child was dead when he arrived at the scene.

The doctors worked and the pray-ers prayed. Finally the boy’s breath and heartbeat returned but he remained unconscious. He was moved to a shelter. The foreign soldiers called for a helicopter/ambulance to transport him to the military hospital. The group continued to pray. The child began to moan, gurgle, cough and vomit, expelling sea water from his lungs and stomach. Each time the group responded with “Hallelujah” and “Praise the Lord”. It took a long time for the helicopter to come. The pray-ers continued to watch and pray. Sometimes we sang softly. The helicopter and four medics arrived with emergency equipment and treatment. They flew the boy and his parents to the military hospital in the city. The rest of the group stayed at the beach for the baptism, communion and a fun day.

When we had finished celebrating communion we heard the boy regained consciousness at the hospital and asked his mother if he could go pee-pee. The doctors did not think he required intensive care but kept him overnight in a normal room for observation.

Pray for the boy and his family as they recover from this trauma. Pray for the non-Christian people at the beach who witnessed the Church in action, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Pray for our Christian group that this event will bring unity. Pray for us as well. We returned home completely exhausted, but changed forever.

Praise God for his resurrection power.

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