“The tall one”—she shares a common name with many women in Moonscape and is known by this nickname. Her story is a common one too. She was previously married to a man who abused her and used the family income for drugs. He took a second wife—the ultimate insult—and “the tall one” divorced him.

Now alone and growing older, she has two pre-teen sons and difficulty providing for them. Both boys are currently living somewhere else, with relatives. She is lonely and misses them terribly. For her living she sells snacks to schoolchildren and she has a small herd of goats that graze in the city on cardboard and old bread. She lives in a hovel.

Pray for “the tall one”. Pray for her to be able to provide for herself and her sons. Pray for us, as we share the love of Jesus with her and show her what the family of God looks like. Pray that she will receive that special name God has just for her.

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