An old woman and the orphaned child she was raising were our next door neighbors at one time. We used to provide water for them from our outside tap. Then the owners of the land she was living on wanted to build and the family was forced to move on. We also settled in a different location and lost touch.

Later we heard a tragic story that she and her little boy had been struck by a car. The boy was killed and the woman’s right arm and leg were both severely broken—necessitating the installation of metal plates.

Photo of visitor from the past

Visitor from the past

Her relatives had moved her to a neighboring country in order to care for her during her recovery.

More than 6 years passed. She recently showed up at our gate! At first we didn’t recognize who she was. She is now crippled and walks with a crutch. We were happy to see her and she was glad to find us again. She confirmed the story we had heard. She complained bitterly of how the metal plates inside her arm and leg hinder her movements so she can’t walk or wash clothes properly anymore. She wants the metal removed. We’re not doctors, of course, but we doubt this is appropriate. The fee would be several hundred dollars and it could turn out badly.

Please pray the Lord would provide comfort and relief for her arm and leg and also touch her soul with eternal relief from her spiritual darkness.

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