From a team leader:
We hit the ground here in October. Almost immediately we were receiving calls from our friends welcoming us back into the country. (News travels fast in a small country; cell phones are as ubiquitous as poverty.) Within weeks, we had many face-to-face visits with old friends.

Our language is so rusty, but English is quite common and the reunions lifted our spirits. In fact, the warm welcome by our friends and team has energized us. We’ve returned to teaching and found a great new place to live, close to the university and to the small neighborhood shops. The people have been very friendly. The only downside is that the house has an external kitchen.

We have many friends, but to be honest—they are not that interested in our faith. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough is this: two of our friends are sharing details of difficulties they are having—things not normally shared with local friends because it is a sign of weakness. This is the beginning of deep sharing.

Keep praying for God to soften hearts along with “signs and wonders.”

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