A team leader:
The nomadic tribes treated us warmly. They were affectionate, kind, generous and welcomed us into their homes. The women of these desert tribes have a long-standing tradition called “henna.” They decorate their hands and feet with a dye called by the same name. The patterns display a great amount of creativity.

By sharing life experiences, learning their culture and customs and genuinely loving them, we earn the right to speak into their lives. The ladies of our team spent long hours with the nomadic ladies, discussing life and Jesus. Good seeds were planted in what appears to be receptive hearts.

The women have very few rights in their culture. They spend the vast majority of their time in or around their tent. They may be one of up to four wives a man has. Life is very hard for them.

Please pray that the seeds sown in receptive hearts will grow, take deep root and bear fruit. Also pray that other nomadic women will respond to the words of Jesus, “Come, follow me.”

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