A team member:
We arrived in July! Our team leaders hosted us the first 7 weeks. They helped us find our own home, transition into life in this culture (not a small task!) and made sure we didn’t starve.

During this time we took language lessons from a tutor and looked at houses…lots and lots of houses! This was a wonderful way to meet local people in several villages, learn culture and be exposed to the language. We’re now in full-time language study, settled in our own home in a village about 15 minutes outside of the city.

Already, we have been blessed with many opportunities to proclaim Truth and are excited how God is working here! He’s drawing people to Himself, and we are humbled by His grace in using us.

These beautiful people are unreached with the gospel or love of God. They are imprisoned by a false religion, by folk practices and by witchcraft. They are lost.

Thank you for sending us! Thank you for your prayers. We absolutely could not do this without you.

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