A team member:
I left the country where I’m living, exhausted. I’ve never in my life experienced the USA as I have this summer. After living under the oppression of hardcore !s!am, I was blown away by the freedom in America, especially the spiritual freedom. Not until I returned did I realize how oppressive the evil is over there.

Over there it is a battle just to pray. Spiritually it is a constant, almost physical, burden that weighs on you. The first few days in America, just feeling so incredibly free and light, I could pray and worship. It felt easy. Christian advertisements, Christian music, radio messages for the first time in my life amazed me and I enjoyed them. I wanted to soak up the freedom in Christ I enjoy here.

Maybe it takes living in a place controlled and run by Satan to really appreciate what we as Christians have in Christ and the freedom here in America.

Despite the wonderful time I’ve had in America, my friends back there are constantly on my mind, and I cannot wait to get back. As you pray, please declare the freedom of Christ over that country. Even though you are far away, your prayers will reach where I live and will make a difference. You can fight the demons controlling that country right from where you are. Pray and fight with me as I return.

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