From Team Leader Scott Hanson:
My heart was heavy as I stood on a bustling street corner in town with over 1.2 million people who have no evangelical witness. There are no churches, no one reading Bibles and no one openly proclaiming the gospel. You would think it would be a country completely closed to the gospel, a country with severe persecution.

Yet I was amazed to learn that this was not the case. While the population is overwhelmingly !s!amic, there is a relatively open door to proclaim the gospel.

It is plaguing to grapple with the question, “why are there so few workers?” Certainly it is a hard land, there are few modern amenities. French and Wo!of are the predominant languages, the weather is hot, and !s!am is oppressive. But those should not be deterrents for us to go.

The hope that edged out my discouragement is that we are in the process of developing a Live Dead team to go to the very area I visited. Please pray with us that the Lord would bring the right members to join the team. Pray that God, even now, would begin to break the walls of !s!am that blind these people to the truth of the gospel.

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