An urgent request from a team leader:
Our good friend and coworker, Q heard unbelievable words from the officer. “By special presidential decree, we are not returning your passport and are revoking your citizenship! We want to make you a scapegoat and example to other Christians! We are a Muslim country with no place for Christians who talk about Jesus!”
Born in in this country, Q is by law a citizen and has lived here his whole life. Now he must leave immediately or go to prison and lose his property. In that terrifying moment, despite feeling traumatized, he felt honored to be counted worthy to suffer for Jesus; identifying with Christ in His suffering.
Q, his wife and toddler daughter must get new passports and visas to go another country. He’s giving up almost everything for Jesus yet he is positive and filled with faith. Please pray hard for miracles! Today!
Please also pray for the officer perpetrating this evil on so many Christians. He’s heard the Gospel many times. Pray the Lord confronts him like Saul on the road to Damascus!

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