A team member wrote:
A young believer “H” and I ate together. I mostly listened. He talked on and on of his recent journey to faith in Christ. Disillusioned with family and his religion, he was ripe for change when one night he dreamt of visiting church. In his dream, he met friendly, caring people.

He had been taught his whole life Christians were immoral people to be avoided. However, as he watched our family and other believers, he realized how much untruth he’d accepted. His new Christian friends were kind and gracious, not immoral, with faithful spouses, obedient and respectful children. There was joy and camaraderie within the Christian community. He spoke of respect, something always lacking in his home.

Attracted by what he observes, he joyfully follows Jesus as Lord.

Please pray for H. He’s pursuing life in Christ and making progress. However, he’s very young and faces many pressures. His family and friends don’t know of his faith. Pray he grows, remains firm, and ultimately is a powerful witness.

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