A team leader remembers:
I met Z for the first time as he pulled into the compound on his small, old and rickety motorcycle. My first impression of him was hardly complimentary. I thought he was a poor, uneducated and naive man.

In addition, I was disappointed in his performance in the water filter program. He had only made 18 in four months and didn’t appear to be sharing the “Good News” to those receiving the filters. Deep down, I thought Z saw the project as just a job, not a ministry. How could I teach him anything?

When we left, I did not expect to see him again. In my mind, he was insignificant.

But in five years Z built over 3,000 bio-sand filters, giving over 30,000 people safe water through his Godly, untiring service. But God’s true impact through Z is spiritual. He boldly shared in a resistant environment, a prayer warrior with the gift of healing. Thousands heard the good news, many were prayed over for heartfelt needs and a large number received God’s supernatural healings. He personally trained many assistants to multiply God’s blessings.

Z died two months ago in a tragic motorcycle accident on his way to do outreach in a village along the river. I was grief stricken by the death of a man who I once dismissed as “insignificant.”

During the time I knew him, Z (my student) became MY teacher. He taught me about sin, about Godly service, about Godly wisdom. and how a transformed life rises above difficult circumstances. Z owned nothing, and yet he had everything. He had Jesus!

Please pray for the large family Z left behind.

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