A team member writes from East Africa:
While a bit unsettling at times, we truly believe we have the best job on earth. This is difficult for many to understand especially when our children are involved. We must have a clear understanding of Scripture as we assess the times and our work in foreign lands. These lands aren’t welcoming to us because they reject the message we bring. But we believe we would be in direct disobedience to Christ if we did not go!

We don’t go in blind; we’ve made this choice with our eyes wide open. Losing our belongings and seeing friends imprisoned leaves us sobered but truly joyful and full of hope. That God allows us to be a part of reaching those He loves desperately is nothing short of a privilege. We do not believe we’ll ever regret choices made in obedience to God but we will regret every missed opportunity, every time we held back, every time we ignored His leading–and He IS leading us into such lands.

If we are unable to return to the country which just expelled us, we will go someplace similar. We covet your prayers. As always, thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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