From a Live Dead team leader:

“Ahmed” was called in and strongly urged to secretly report on the foreigners he knows. As the officials pressured him, they discovered he is a believer. Thinking it was leverage, they threatened to make the information public. He did not comply.
To add pressure, they called in the head of his family and “outed” Ahmed, saying, “This man is a disgrace to your family and to our religion. What are you going to do about this?” Disgusted with the official’s approach, the family leader took Ahmed’s side, refused to take action, and said it was Ahmed’s choice—leave him alone! With no recourse, the officials let Ahmed go and washed their hands of him.

After 2 years of discipleship which grew his faith and knowledge of the Bible, Ahmed is relieved the whole family knows. He asked us for a few Bibles he could give his family to tell them truth about Jesus. Expecting him to ask for 3 or 4, we answered, “Of course, how many do you want?”

Ahmed responded, “Do you have 20?”

Please pray Ahmed’s growing boldness in the Spirit will lead his whole family to accept Jesus, that Jesus will illuminate truth to their minds and give them faith to believe. He will face persecution and will suffer for his proclamation, but he has the great privilege of identifying with Jesus in a unique and special way.

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