My friend and I have met to study about Jes.s two or three times a week for a few months. He knows a few of the team quite well and is friends with a couple of our secret “friends” but doesn’t know it.

He was getting ready to leave when he said, ” You know, there is something different about those who hang around with you and your team for awhile.”

I said “REALLY? What is that?” I was thinking to myself, great, he sees Jes.s in us and the locals too. He sees the difference.

He said, “They are different. They change a lot when they spend time with you.”

I said “Yeah. What change do you see?” Trying to help him along a little bit.

He said “You know! After hanging out with you guys, the local people change. They start coming to things on time! They’re not as late anymore.”

Punctuality is not listed as one of the gifts of the Spirit but it can be the surface evidence of a deeper love for others.

G.d has begun to open his eyes. Pray my friend sees the heart difference!

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