A Live Dead team member writes:

Isn’t it amazing that our God is never discouraged? My heart clings to that truth as I think about the events happening in the DesertSands, the country where God has called me to go.

Over the past few months, officials have cracked down on anyone doing any kind of special work, both us and our local friends who are from DesertSands. Some of those friends are facing extreme opposition and many are being severely persecuted. They face worse threats and suffering than we will ever know.

In my times with Jesus, He shows me that He is neither discouraged nor surprised by these events. His plans will never be thwarted for He still loves the DesertSands people, more than we do! After all, Jesus is the builder, with or without us. When I am tempted to despair, I simply need to turn my eyes to the One who does not falter—for He holds the future.

And He is not discouraged.

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