Encouraging news from a team leader:

We are excited to share about several underground gatherings in our
country, secret but not so secret that those who are seeking the truth
aren’t able to come. Imagine a home that consists of hand-made mud
bricks with an enclosing wall surrounding the home to form a
courtyard, 110 degree heat, and a small group who have left the
predominant religion, worshiping and learning new truth at each
gathering. The physical conditions are difficult, but the joy in
these gatherings is rich.

Last week we were delighted to hear that these gatherings have swelled
in numbers over the last few months. The Spirit, in the midst of
persecution, is crying out to the people of our country.

Because of key individuals established as leaders, there has been
little to no interruption of the function of the gatherings in our
absence. This is, of course, what we were hoping for and believing
would happen. The Father will establish His body! These leaders are
brave and filled with the boldness of the Spirit to continue.
However, they continue to need guidance and further training.

Would you pray with us that the Father would help us to be creative in
continuing to help these leaders as they progress in ministering to
His flock?

We couldn’t have done this work without you. Rejoice with us, as we
celebrate the harvest in which we have all had a hand.

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