Megan, daughter of Live Dead team leader Scott Hanson, is an active, athletic teenager with the skills to make the varsity basketball team as a freshman. Unfortunately, she injured her wrist in fall from a horse over nine months ago. Doctors in Nairobi did their best, short of surgery to restore full function to her wrist but the pain continued. Pain medication upset her system and she struggles to write left-handed.

Finally in early January, Megan underwent surgery to repair the torn ligament. In the weeks since, there has been no significant improvement in the pain level. It is possible some of the pain is from the surgery but it has been very discouraging to Megan who was hoping to start feeling better.

We have requested prayer for her before. May we request that you continue to lift Megan up to the Father? Pray that the pain would begin to lessen and that her wrist would start getting better. At this point we don’t have anywhere else to turn except our gracious Lord. Thanks for standing with us!

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