A few hours ago, as I write this, a believer with a M*sl_m background was shot in broad daylight as he drove through the middle of town. He was a close friend of our workers, one of us, as we say and leaves behind a wife and young children.

This was not random. He had received death threats for years because he had left the dominant religion to follow Jesus. While we mourn the loss of our friend and pray for his family, this violence will not have the affect the killers intended. We cannot leave this unreached people group. We will continue to live out the love of Jesus before them until our Lord is exalted among them.

The risks one of our workers could be targeted cannot not stop us. If we are considered worthy of suffering we will rejoice as the first century disciples of our Lord rejoiced.

Pray for his wife and children as they face this loss and the danger they could also be targeted.

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