From a team member:
In certain countries to be anything but a M*sl_m ultimately means death. However, this does not mean our task is impossible.

I traveled with a worker who works among a warlike I3lamic people. A few weeks before I went, a tribal leader had a dream in which Jesus appeared. That leader became a Christian with the help of the worker. As we spent time with him helping his village with their small farms, people continuously came to us and said, “I now believe like you do.”

How amazing! In a small village in the middle of the desert people are finding Jesus.

It is also possible for people in the most difficult countries to be redeemed.

I don’t know how long or what it will take, but I do believe a change is taking place. Obviously God is at work among them. No matter what God has in store for me as I go, I hope to just be in His will if nothing else.

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