A team leader requests prayer for friends.

A family who left the majority religion to follow our Lord left their home country some months ago to escape persecution in their homeland. Recently their teenage son was kidnapped on the way to school. The kidnappers took their son back to the country of his birth with the following demands:

  • The boy must return to the majority religion.
  • The parents must not attempt to prosecute those involved in his kidnapping.
  • The rest of the family must leave their current country of refuge immediately for some other country of their choosing.

The kidnappers threatened to kill a younger son if their demands were not met.

The family accepted all of the kidnappers’ demands. The kidnapped boy repeated the majority religion’s creed. A school mate used by the kidnappers to capture their son was arrested, but the father refused to press charges and had him released. The family plans to move to another country where the kidnapped boy is expected to be allowed to join them.

Please pray for wisdom and guidance for all concerned.

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