The countless hours we spent itinerating in our van in the States are quite a contrast to not having a vehicle here. Here we get around on foot or a taxi. For the seven of us to squeeze into a taxi is a challenge for us and entertainment for anyone around.

Cozy hours in our stateside van have been traded for a cozy apartment here. We’ve grown significantly since we last lived in an apartment. Now the seven of us and our puppy share our home with two teachers five times a week for homeschooling and Arabic studies. It has taken more determination and perseverance than we anticipated but God has been so gracious to us and we are making consistent progress.

The Arabic study is preparation to return to the country of our calling. Things are quite fragile there presently. Our plan and desire is to return but we are in God’s hands. Please keep our country in your prayer that God will grant us favor and make a way for us to return.

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