A few days ago, we invited our M. neighbors to a program at our church. Despite walking in a rainstorm to get there, they came and also brought friends! Our neighbor’s husband rarely lets her leave the house but he happened not to be home that day. She asked if anyone would mind her being there as she is a M. I assured her that everyone was very glad that she, her children and friends were there.

Wide-eyed throughout the entire service, she heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.

Our children’s Arabic teacher, also a M., attended this same service after our kids pleaded with her to come see “them” in their program. Our kids use every opportunity to share with their teacher.

Oh how we long for these friends to see HIM! We believe that this is indeed happening. God is giving us tremendous favor in the lives of these friends. This picture shows loaves of bread we will deliver to our neighbors. Would you pray the precious ones to whom we give this bread, would taste the Bread of Life?Photo of gift bread

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