Live Dead missionary Scott Hanson:
Recently, we visited long-term team members living in Moonscape (name changed for security), an I3lamic country almost completely untouched by the gospel where Satan has ruled for centuries. The few Christians there live in fear of rejection, persecution and possible martyrdom.

One of our team members has often been used in the past by the Lord in the gifts of the Spirit, especially in prophecy. Since coming to Moonscape there has only been silence, like a cloud barrier between her and the Lord. Recently, as if the clouds are clearing, she has been able to hear the voice of the Lord.

When Daniel prayed and fasted for 30 days, the angel of the Lord broke through to minister to him. God is breaking through barriers in Moonscape because people like you pray. Don’t lose heart praying for countries where Islam has predominance, where Christ is unknown and has not been proclaimed.

There is no short-term solution. As you pray and as we continue to send people filled with the presence of Christ, there will be a breakthrough. Thank the Lord that we are beginning to see the Light burn through the clouds obscuring the presence of Christ in Moonscape.
And thank you for your partnership in the battle.

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