Recently two believers very precious to us were imprisoned. We vacillated from incredulity, to sadness, to righteous anger, even to regrets we were not in the cell with them. But even as we prayed for their release we realized our priorities may not be the Lord’s priorities. Some things are more important than health, comfort and freedom.

  1. The Glory of God
    Joseph knew what his brothers intended for evil, God intended for good, for his glory.
  2. The Credibility of the Gospel
    Suffering puts the gospel on display. When believers suffer well, other believers and tormentors see that Jesus is indeed worth suffering for.
  3. The Character of the Prisoner and Family
    There is a joy in the fellowship of His suffering and unimaginable intimacy with Jesus which delights our soul if we let Him work in us.

These are more important than the health and release of the captive. This is not callous, this is Christ. Those who speak to us from prison say, “We are fine. Jesus is real. We are being upheld by the Holy Spirit and are in sweet communion with the Father. Don’t worry about us. Don’t panic.”

Time is on the side of the righteous. Let’s remember who is really in prison. We will endure that they may be set free.

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