A Live Dead team member received this email to prepare him just before he flew with his wife and children into the city where they will live:

I want to give you a heads-up about what to expect at the airport. Overall, do not panic, do not fear, and do not get angry.

The airport can be a chaotic mess; disorganization rules. People will get in your face, shouting, asking for various fees and taxes.  Baggage handlers will want more of your money. It will be hot. But there is order underneath the panic. People who seem confused, incompetent, actually know their jobs. They will move you through the mill and speak English. The fees are legit. I’ve never lost luggage, passports, money, or children. You won’t either.

At every place in the airport and every other place in the country, people will not respect lines but will crowd around the window. Take your time and just pay what is required. The baggage hall – a real mess. They drive wagons right into the buildings to unload the bags. Many people will try to “help” you with your baggage, and if they ever get a hold of your bags, they will insist on payment. I recommend you hire a couple of guys in yellow suits to handle your bags.

At the customs desk the ladies will do a very cursory search of your bags. Sometimes they will ask what I consider to be silly and inappropriate questions, but I have learned over the years to just be polite, calm, do whatever they ask and let them look and ask whatever they want.

Out the door they will load your luggage on top of the bus. Count on 3-4 hours, with at least one long stop for refreshment (greasy pasta and goat meat, I recommend bringing some sandwiches). You can buy drinks and use the pay toilets–bring your own TP.

When you get here borrow a phone and call us. Politely refuse all offers of help until we arrive.

Looking forward to your arrival!

Pray this family will graciously adjust to a new normal.

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