This weekend is important for this Live Dead team leader:
With only a few weeks left, we are endeavoring to finish our first term well. Though we’re leaving for a short time, we desire to see His work move forward.

Our Father brought us about 20 “family members” of a M*sl*m background. For two years, we’ve encouraged their growth in J*sus, their understanding of His word, and their role in the Great Commission.

To help them reach their lost neighbors, we are hosting a retreat this weekend to pr*y with them, worsh*p with them, and instruct them in ch*rch pl*nting work.

Please pray about this weekend.
Ask our Father to orchestrate this time to be just what He desires it to be.
Ask the HS to rain down on this group, to empower them to “fight the good fight” while we are in the States.

Thank you for the enormous contribution you make to bring Light into the darkness here. We are a team. Without you, we couldn’t be here. May our Father bless you abundantly for caring for this unreached people who desperately need the Truth.

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