From a Live Dead team leader:

Moving to an Arab culture, completely changing our life-style was the hardest thing we’ve done. Four parts of us—spirit, intellect, emotions and body—were like roller coaster cars each speeding along the track at different places. Sometimes our spirits were high but our intellects were low, overwhelmed. Other days our bodies were spent but our emotions energized.

Thankfully the cars seldom bottomed out at the same time. But, they were never all at the top either.

During those difficult days, without fail we could sense someone praying for us. Someone would send an encouraging email. Another would send a card. A gift would arrive or a little extra offering for unanticipated expenses. All amazing blessings!

Never had we felt so keenly the supporting arms of Jesus as now when so many of you have been His arms extended to us. Leaving all for the sake of the gospel is a little easier when we realize we are part of the global family, the Body of Christ. 

We have done what we can do by going; you’ve done what you can do by praying and sending.  Thank you for the sacrifices you make so we can carry the light of Jesus to a beautiful people, loved by God but held in the deceptive chains of Islam.

Jesus will set them free. It’s only a matter of time.

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