If noises wake you in the night, pray for our Live Dead missionary families.

Things have quieted down here. Our embassy sent home family and non-essential personnel but generally, things have stabilized. There is still a very strong police and military presence with rumors of possible demonstrations. The concern is not anti-American but anti-government protests. In these interesting and unsettling days we have felt the sweet presence of our Father and have remained at peace.

We will never forget these days. We will remember fear but we will also remember the many who wrote they care about us. We will remember being locked down in our house, but also pulling the kids’ mattresses into our room for a slumber party. We will remember uncertainty and the confidence of knowing we are led by our Father’s faithful hand.

Thank you, our dear friends, for walking through this with us. We’ll keep you posted if things deteriorate again. We have felt your prayer and we’re so grateful for you!

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