An East Africa Live Dead team family shared this experience and prayer request.

Many years ago, we were challenged to “abide in the Lord” as J3sus commanded in John 15.  The challenge was to spend extravagant time with J3sus each day to produce lasting fruit.  The discipline of abiding has been learned in “fits and starts” with victories and defeats.

Hannah in 1 Samuel has been our example.  She spent many years in anguish, abiding and pleading for a child.  She battled the pressures of rivalry, of time and disappointment.

During our language study we feel the pressure:

  • of rivalry – our classmates are ahead of us,
  • of time – we are not getting any younger or smarter
  • and disappointment – we can・t even converse with a preschool child.

We know that abiding with J3sus is a process, not a quick fix.  It does not start in victory or even the evidence of victory.  Through her abiding, Hannah does experience victory, “My heart rejoices in the Lord!”

So we will keep abiding in the Lord.  We look forward to the day when we can rejoice and lift up a praise to God in our new language and in English!

Please pray for all of us to be able to rejoice and abide during language study.  Pray also for the health of our daughter who is expecting—children are a blessing from the Lord.

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