Our three youngest children commented on the beautiful crescent moon.  It was unusually striking.  The first sighting of the crescent moon ushers in Ramadan. 

Ramadan is the month long celebration where M*sl_ms fast during daylight hours.  Many from our nation prepared by loading up on special foods and gifts to take back to their loved ones in neighboring countries. We chuckled to ourselves as we saw the taxis loaded up and heading for the borders much like highways at Christmas time in the States. Most will spend Ramadan in places that are cooler and closer to their family clans.

 This is an important spiritual time when many are more sensitive to spiritual things.

 We ask that you pray for the Lord to reveal himself to those who are seeking diligently during this lunar month.  Ask God to draw men by His Spirit and soften their hearts.  The Night of Power is the 26th night of Ramadan during which many will beseech God late into the night for answers to their prayers.

Would you say a special prayer for these seekers?  Let’s intercede together for the millions of M*sl_ms in East Africa that they come to know J3sus as Lord and [email protected], as the way, the truth, and the life!

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