A full year was invested in a close friendship before finding an opening to share the Good News with an East African M*sl_m lady who heard it for the first time.

The summer is fully upon us. God provided a very special open door during my last week in country. I’ve written before about my close M*sl_m friend who worked with me at my school. She decided to move back home at the request of her father after the end of the school year. The Lord burdened my heart to make sure that before she left, I did everything I could to tell her about the hope and salvation found only in Jesus. After the last week of school I had my friend over to our apartment. Through our conversation on our various perspectives about sin, cleansing, and forgiveness, I was able to clearly share J3sus and the gospel message with her.

Because of the solid relationship I had built with her over a significant period of time, she was open to listen as I explained that J3sus is the most important part of my life. At the end of our conversation, my M*sl_m friend told me that she had never heard the full story of J3sus before. Please pray with me that my friend will come to know J3sus as her [email protected]

Much patience, wisdom, boldness and sensitivity to the H0ly Sp_r_t is required to bring J3sus to unreached people who have never heard of him. Please pray our Live Dead team members will be equipped with all the gifts of the Sp_r_t.

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