Our Live Dead East Africa team members bring deliverance in the power, love and truth of the Good News.

The home of a M*sl_m family was full of strange, seemingly demonic activity. Furniture would move in the night. Things spontaneously ignited, destroying possessions. Large sums paid to their religious leaders brought no relief.

The family heard of people being healed when Chr!st!ans prayed. They appealed to a Chr!st!an who was eager to help. He and friends prayed and fasted for many days. When he arrived he reminded the family he was a follower of J3sus. The family welcomed his prayers. Without pushing them, he took time to share many verses in the B!ble about sin, repentance, and salvation.

The Chr!st!an and his prayer warriors walked through the house praying over every room. When he left, he gave the family a B!ble. “Oh No!” they said, “We do not want this to burst into flames as well.” He gently told them, “This is the Word of God. The house is now under the protection of J3sus.” The next morning they called. “This is great! No fires and nothing happened to the B!ble.”

This M*sl_m family entered the Kingdom of God. Pray that many more will encounter the power, love and truth of the Good News.

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