An East African Live Dead team family recently returned to Africa. Shortly before they left, they wrote:

Time is a funny thing. A year can feel long and short!

It has been a wonderful and memorable whirlwind of a year in the States. In the midst of packing up everything a family of seven needs for four years, things felt frenetic but with an under-girding calm and grace.

At times my emotions seemed to shut down so I could focus on the task at hand but at other unexpected moments, I was tearful. As our kids get older they experience the transition for themselves in a more real way than they could when they were younger. While excited about our return, now they too understand good-byes are difficult.

Obeying God’s will does not guarantee safety nor happiness but the greatest longing of our souls is met as we grow increasingly satisfied in who He is, the One who meets every need and longing. As we align ourselves with His passions, they become our own. Other things pale in comparison.

Luke 17:10 “When you obey me you should say, ‘We are unworthy servants who have simply done our duty.”
This doesn’t make leaving easier but it certainly puts things into perspective.

We are excited and exhausted. Ahead of us lie challenging good-byes and deep anticipation of what’s on the horizon. Imagine Jesus being glorified among those who have not yet ever heard the Gospel! It is all in vain if J3sus isn’t glorified.

It’s back to packing bags for me.

As we make this transition, please pray for all of our family and thank you for sharing the journey with us!.

Five children—meet each little one’s longings, Lord.

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