An East Africa Live Dead team member wrote:

Peter was a devout M*sl_m. One day a foreigner befriended him. Peter decided to convert him to [email protected] Yet, over time, the Chr!st!an man’s lifestyle profoundly affected Peter. One day the foreigner gave Peter a B!ble and he read it. Overcome by its sweetness, he knew he had discovered the Truth.
He had “never before tasted anything so sweet.” He enthusiastically committed his life to J3sus.
Peter’s heart burned to share his faith with his own people so he began meeting with others secretly, leading some to the Lord and discipling others. A neighbor began to bother him, even threatening to kill him. Peter needed to flee the country quickly to save his life.
Separated from his family, he continued to pray for them. Unknown to him, his wife received a vision of the L0rd J3sus who handed her a piece of paper and said, “Put this in your heart.” The paper read, “J3sus is the M3ss!ah.” She became a Chr!st!an herself and experienced the same joy and peace as her husband.
Today the whole family is together and serving the L0rd. In the midst of great trials they exude the joy of those who truly know J3sus. They have led several to Chr!st.
The dark veil of [email protected] blocks many from ever finding the Truth.

Please persevere in prayer asking God to powerfully draw many to Himself, opening their eyes and hearts to J3sus who is the Truth. The Truth is sweet but it must be tasted.

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