Fourteen months of traveling from church to church, fourteen months of endlessly repeating the story of God’s call to East Africa, fourteen months of tirelessly asking for financial and prayer partners, suddenly they reach the finish line.

Suddenly, it’s really time to leave: family and friends, culture, language, most possessions.

An East Africa Live Dead team member shares how that feels:

Our floor is strewn with piles that tempt the kids and threaten every footstep.  
Our minds are numb from thousands of decisions.  
Goodbyes abound. We look for answers to questions we don’t even know yet.  
The UPS man brings packages of new glasses and hard-drives and school curriculum.  
Empty packing bins sit open-mouthed and hungry.  
A doll’s hand rips through her plastic-bag prison pleading not to be left in the Goodwill donation pile.  
Dental assistants hear our three year old son celebrating our journey to Africa.  
Japanese Encephalitis vaccine courses through our veins.  
The trash dumpster’s open arms welcome us again and again.

Their schedule is relentlessly demanding:

  • July 12 – Fly to Africa
  • July 15 – Leadership training
  • August 1 – Language training
  • September 1 – Fly to our new city

Imagine yourself in their position. As you meditate on their requests, let the Holy Spirit pray through you:

  • Daily deep abiding in Christ
  • Speed and clarity for packing
  • Tenderness and strength for saying “Goodbye”
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