To reach the unreached thousands, sometimes the strong one has to be bound and a stronghold broken. When that happens, team members may see a local witch doctor delivered from the power of the enemy. Scott Hanson, East Africa team leader, traveled to an area where a small ch_rch was recently [email protected] in a valley where very few have heard the name of J3sus:

“Last year the national women’s ministries leaders came to town and held an outdoor [email protected]!istic meeting. This resulted in the ch_rch growing from 15 to 25 people. One of the new members was an old lady who had formerly been a witch doctor. She was so cute – telling us, “I have eternal life, Satan does not bother me any more – the only the thing I have now that concerns me is what to wear”

Before we left the village we decided to climb Nakopi hill – a tall rock hill towering above the village.”

See the view from Nakopi hill and pray with Scott Hanson that a team will be called to go to the unreached people of that area and tell them about our Lord. (lo-res video for slower connections)

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