i dream of a future where my sufferings aren’t in vain.
i dream of peace. i dream of truth.
i dream of the meaning beyond the sun.
i dream of the power behind the rhythm of my days.
i dream of holding freedom in my hands.
i dream of a future with joy burning deep within me.

i am locked in today where my dreams don’t belong.
i am here but gone.

will i ever find any sliver of this dream?
will i ever grow to know for what i long?
will i ever awake, born from the today i am locked in?
will i ever quench this swelling thirst?
will i ever be found?

i wait beyond the oceans.
the enemies.
the guns.

i wait beyond the changes.
the languages.
the veils.

i wait while your world spins.
your deadlines pass.
your cravings overcome you.

i wait while your theology teeters.
your coffee spills.
your television dumbs you.

i wait with dry land surrounding me.
i wait with a hunger boiling within me.

i wait wanting real power.
i wait wanting real truth.

what comfort do you offer me from your comfort?
what joy do you bring me from your safe and worn in chair?

i wait.

I will live, if you will die.

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