After more than a year of planning and a mad scramble to leave our old life behind and enter a new one, we have finally spent our first month in Sudan. Everything is different: the heat, the dust, the language, the food, the… the …  the… But it is the spiritual climate that differs the most. We left a Christian culture that is a mile wide and an inch deep and entered a Muslim culture that is countrywide and a kilometer deep. These thoughts crossed my mind as we took an evening boat ride on the Nile with our newly formed team. As I gazed out on this historic river, I recalled how Moses was plucked from the Nile to do a mighty work for God. Are we likewise being plucked from the Nile to follow in his footsteps based on our faith in the same Lord?

I re-read the story later that evening. Moses was nursed by his Hebrew mom after being removed from the Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter. We will also need to be nursed along by our new team leaders if we are to understand this culture be effective witnesses in it.

Moses recognized the fate of his people and wanted to reach out and help them. Should we not reach out to the Sudanese in the same way and show them the way to the Promise Land? But as with Moses, who thought he was the wrong person to do it, the Lord must do it through us. We do not have the power, the gifts or the faith to do it apart from him.

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