Thank you for the wonderful school in our city with its mix of nationalities and unique exposure it brings to my three children. Thank you for a place where my children have the opportunity to  become friends with so many M*sl_m children and each of them having developed a passion for their lost friends, having the chance to pray for them and share J3sus with some. Thank you for their teachers who have a deep love for J3sus and a love for their students. Thank you for the tangible fruit in the lives of a few students and in a few of their parents in recent years as a result of these teachers’ witness. Thank you for the fruit that is not seen by our eyes and the fruit that will come.

As I get older and I can’t play soccer like I used to, thank you for the opportunity to coach my two daughters’ team. You know I love my girls and I have a love for soccer.  I have also grown to love the other soccer team girls in a way that has impacted me, more so than last year. You know I battle with whether or not I should verbally share truth of J3sus to a M*sl_m minor. I know that you will give wisdom as I continue to get to know M*sl_m children and their parents and that you will bring more opportunity.

L0rd, this year you have done something special in my heart towards these soccer girls. You have birthed in my spirit a desire for greater prayer for M*sl_m children. As I call out the names of each girl on the team and often weep over those who are lost, reveal yourself to them. Give me wisdom and boldness to proclaim you to them and their parents. I know that there will be M*sl_m kids who will call on your name, in truth, some maybe soon and some later. “Your word will not return empty, but will accomplish what you desire and achieve the purpose for which you sent it.” As your people pray and your workers proclaim, M*sl_m children will come to know you because you died and rose for them.

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