Most days here I cry, if not physical tears, then soul tears. Most days here tears and wails escape from my soul for these people and this land and flow into the deep recesses of my spirit. Living here, in S_d_n, you have taught me how to weep but you have also taught me how to hope.

My heart beats with hope for the S_d_nese people. Hope in S_d_n comes in the laughter of child. Hope is seen in the loving eyes of a veiled woman and from the kindness and hospitality of a M*sl_m family. Hope comes from knowing the love that I have for these people is nothing compared to the love you have for them. Hope comes from knowing that you are passionately pursuing the S_d_nese as you once pursued me.  I know that through your love all can be redeemed including these beautiful people who seem so lost.

I will gladly weep here, knowing that these tears can help water this parched land with the love and hope of Chr!st. This place is broken and this brokenness hurts. These people are broken and desperately need a Savior. But you know their name and have a plan for their redemption. As we are faithful in tending your garden, the parched land will give way to redemptive life. A redemptive story so beautiful that the tears dropped in hope will pale in comparison to the praises that will follow. L0rd, help me to believe that the tears we cry here from the pain of brokenness are purposeful. Thank you, L0rd, that the hope we have for this land will not disappoint because you are faithful in your love and pursuit. You love the S_d_nese, and one day, Lord, they will know you and love you, too.

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