I’ve felt your love poured on my life; I’ve seen the way your Spirit has moved in mine and others’ lives. But G0d, I want to see your Spirit poured out, flooding down in this country. When I walk these dusty streets, when I see the green of these trees hidden by dirt swept up by the latest dust storm, it’s as if the land itself is yearning, is waiting for the sound of rain.

Father, these people are so thirsty, so tired and aching from working so hard for salvation in this dusty place only to remain thirsty and unsure. As I sat in the airport last night, the woman sitting next to me offered me a bottle of water; she doesn’t know that you hold the Living Water.

Why has everyone in my own country of abundance been offered a drink of Living Water, and yet the women, the men waiting at the empty wells here in the desert still have not heard of what you have to give them? Please L0rd, may your truth, your love, be shouted out to these people, even from the m0sques! G0d let them see who you are — our source of life, our only salvation, the well of Living Water that never runs out.

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