My son has been sick for three days. Too sick to go to school, not sick enough to lay around all day. So I invited him to go on a prayer walk with me. We ambled through our M*sl_m neighborhood together this morning. Two little street puppies frolicking at our heels.

L0rd, I am not sure why you made S_d_nese M*sl_ms so likeable while allowing them to be so lost. Children, policemen and veiled ladies all greeted us with smiles, waves and warmth. I don’t get it. The most hospitable people on earth so closed to your Good News. Why can’t they open their hearts to you?

Surely, J3sus, you don’t intend that any S_d_nese should perish! Surely, you are not glorified enough by the pitiful few S_d_n Arab M*sl_ms converts that exist. Surely, you are worth more than ones or twos, little dribbles to faith. Surely, your intention is a flood of precious S_d_nese souls into the kingdom. I don’t get it. A people so vibrant and kind, in such darkness and death. I don’t like it. I don’t want it. Remind me again that you don’t like it either.

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